The quest of an alternative system to Capitalist economic system has been debated from different point of views for years. These debates have taken place sometimes in the manner of the necessity that the gaps of the dominating economic system must be bridged and sometimes have taken place as a proposal of a different order, like socialism. In this respect, the debates of Islamic economics may be expressed as an alternative system quest of Muslim philosophers which is shaped around Islamic criteria.  As distinct from past efforts, the quests incepting in 60s have deepened after 70s and the perspective of economics of Islam has developed as an alternative system search with quests of identity.

After 1980, however, it’s been observed that these alternative system quests, depending on the global economic and political changes, evolved to the efforts of existence in the existing system. As a result of the developments in Islamic banking and finance industry, the theoretical and methodological developments have been hampered. In this process, Islamic finance has increasingly been integrated into, and has almost been an integral part of the mainstream market system. From 90s, when the prioritization of Islamic banking and finance were started, if we consider the fact that the studies about Islamic economics were at the minimum, the urgent need for a more comprehensive and independent study will be comprehended in our time in which Islamic finance and enrichment with secularization and pragmatism are prioritized.

In this context, the first “Islamic Economics Workshop”, entitled Basic Concepts and Ideas, took place in March 2013. It was a joint organization of İLKE (Science, Culture and Education Association), which works, together with its foundations, in the areas of business ethics and entrepreneurship, academic studies and common education of religion and pioneers in developing the strategic aspects for these topics, İLEM (Scientific Studies Association), which works in order to raise qualified scientists, to reinterpret the scientific understanding based on the roots of Islamic civilization, and to create the necessary knowledge for a new order of life, and İGİAD (Economic Enterprise and Business Ethics Association), the one and only non-governmental organization which aims to inform people for encouraging entrepreneurship and disseminating business ethics; and to create an ethical precision via its publications in the public and especially in the business world.

Previeous Workshops

Date Place Topic
2013 İstanbul Greenpark Hotel Basic Concepts and Ideas
2014 İstanbul Şehir University Islamic Economy and Market
2015 İstanbul Commerce University Labor in Islamic Economics
2016 İstanbul University Social Justice from the Perspective of Islamic Economy

The four workshops hosted academics from various countries including Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, the United States, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Algeria, Qatar and Indonesia, who have contributed to the field of Islamic Economics. Since the Islamic Economics Workshop is also expected to be a medium for sharing intellectual insights and discussing ideas,iIn these three programs around 100 academics from Turkey and various countries presented papers and participate in much needed debates in order to strengthen the connections among Islamic economics scholars and researchers.

For it is also aimed to perpetuate the outputs of this organization and to contribute to the existing literature on Islamic economy, after every workshop, the presented papers are published into a book. The papers of the first workshop were published both in Turkish, İslam İktisadını Yeniden Düşünmek (Rethinking Islamic Economy), and in English, Islamic Economics: Basic Concepts, New Thinking and Future DirectionsAlso, The papers of the second workshop were published in Turkish, İslam İktisadı ve Piyasa (Islamic Economy and Market). The book of third workshop was published under the title of İslam İktisadı ve Emek in Turkish and in English it will be published in 2017. Those of the fourth workshop are in-process and will be published both in Turkish and English this year.

The workshop organization is proceeding towards the fifth one, which will be held on April 1-2, 2017 in Sakarya. The topic of this year’s workshop is “Interest from the Perspective of Islamic Economics”. The workshop is supported by ILKE Association for Science Culture and Education, Scientific Studies Association (ILEM) and Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (IGIAD) and will hosted by Sakarya University., in line with its aim to present academic papers as well as to provide the grounds for a thorough discussion of the issues involved, with the purpose of forming the framework of the studies that should be carried out in the future.