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IV. Islamic Economics Workshop Focuses on “Social Justice”

4th Islamic Economics Workshop “Social Justice from the Perspective of Islamic Economics” will be organized on April 2-3, 2016 in Istanbul, in cooperation with ILKE Association for Science Culture and Education, Scientific Studies Association (ILEM) and Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (IGIAD). The workshop will take place under the hospitality of Istanbul University Islamic Economics and Finance Department and social justice will be discussed along with its various dimensions.

In the workshop in which 12 participants from different countries will be presenting, subjects that are encountered within the framework of social justice such as zakat, banking, labor productivity, waqfs, social aid, management, market economy and interest will be debated. The workshop aims at delving into the reasons of current social and economic injustices in a realistic way. It also aims at maintaining a collective work focusing around the questions of how to create the theoretical background of a social justice understanding leaning on Islamic principles, which alternative mechanisms will be included in this understanding and which concrete solutions can be found over the existing problem.

In the opening panel of the workshop, Halis Yunus Ersöz, Murteza Bedir, Nihat Erdoğmuş, Mahmut Bilen will talk about Social Justice from the Perspective of Islamic Economics.

IV. Islamic Economics Workshop is aimed to become a platform which supports new perspectives, approaches to the issues both theoretically and practically and in a methodologically correct way, and takes on an interdisciplinary vision. We cordially invite everyone interested in the subject to participate and contribute to the Workshop.

Opening Panel: Social Justice from the Perspective of Islamic Economics

April 2, 2016 Saturday 09:30-12:00

Prof. Dr. Halis Yunus Ersöz, İstanbul University

Prof. Dr. Murteza Bedir, İstanbul University

Prof. Dr. Nihat Erdoğmuş, Yıldız Technical University

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Bilen, Sakarya University


April 2, 2016 Saturday 13:30-19:00

April 3, 2016 Sunday 09:30-16:00

Place:    İstanbul Üniversitesi Center for Congress and Culture

Info:      www.islamiceconomy.org

Contact:      0216 532 63 70


Please register at islamiceconomy.org/kayit in order to join the workshop sessions.