ILKE Association for Science Culture and Education was established in year 2010 with the intention of living pursuant to Islamic and humane values, to conduce to be lived, to be spearheading for realization of the transformation of the society in this direction. The volition/will that brings ILKE to existence has established and/or supported a great deal of charities and public utility foundations up to present. Through existing foundations, ILKE has been supporting works in business ethics, public education works, and academic studies and also has been generating information, policy and strategy for these fields.

Association of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics (IGIAD) has been established in 2003. IGIAD is a non-governmental organization working on the areas of business ethics and entrepreneurship. IGIAD aims to spread awareness for business ethics, promote entrepreneurship, and raise ethical consciousness in the society. IGIAD questions the current market rules and tries to construct a rights-centered business. IGIAD endeavors to spread the fair distribution of lawful (halal) income. Meanwhile it supports, offers and guides a role model for entrepreneurs who would abide by these principles. IGIAD, organizes seminars, conferences and panels on business ethics and entrepreneurship; publishes a quarterly newsletter, semi-annual academic journal and books; prepares reports; organizes meetings, social and cultural events for its members in order to achieve its purposes

Scientific Studies Assocciation (İLEM) was founded in 2002 with a view to train and support scientists and intellectuals who are expected to suggest encompassing solutions for those problems that have been taking place over two centuries. Studies within İLEM are planned with a comparative and multi-dimensional interdisciplinary approach to assist the training of sapient and sagacious scholars who understand zeitgeist and main dynamics of their own civilization. With this regard, one of the main objectives of İLEM is conducting scientific research to suggest solutions for the questions of humanity by laying a ground for training scientists who preserve our tradition of science. İLEM hopes its scientific studies to inspire varied groups in Turkey and abroad.