5-6 April 2014

The first workshop was arranged in 2-3 March of 2013 around the topic of “Basic Concepts and Thoughts” in Istanbul, the works that had made under the topic of Islamic Economics and there had been discussions what should be discussed around the “Islamic Economics”. In this year’s workshop, in order to be a global economical system, under the “Islamic Economics”, macroeconomic and microeconomic theories and works should be produced was subjected.

In this context, 2014’s workshop was erected around the topic of market that is a symbolic and basis concept of existing economical system. So, the market will be processed which is a basis of Capitalist economical system. Some topics that will be argued in the workshop are listed below:

- Islamic Economics and Free Market

- Socialism discussions under the İslamic Economy

- Welfare, Distribution and Justice

- How should markets be classified under the perspective of Islamic Economy?

- How should market process be in Islamic Economy?

- Market tools in Islamic Economy

- “Market Institutions” in İslamic Economy

- How can existed market institutions evolve to Islamic Institutions?