Establishing Social Justice throughout the World is an Indispensable and Vital Duty for Muslims

Zakat is the best model for social equilibrium and justice. There is a need to found new models of collecting, distributing and utilizing zakat.

Usury constitutes the basis of social injustice. Creating a usury-free economic system is the best favor imaginable for the world.

Participation banks should be active in social distribution by paying specific regard to Islamic principles and social justice.

4th Islamic Economics Workshop “Social Justice from the Perspective of Islamic Economics” has been organized on April 2-3, 2016 in Istanbul, in cooperation with ILKE Association for Science Culture and Education, Scientific Studies Association (ILEM), Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (IGIAD). In the workshop 12 academics, experts and NGO representatives from different countries such as Tunisia, Italy, Malaysia, and Indonesia have met with academics and participants from Turkey. The workshop has taken place in Istanbul University Congress and Convention Center with 200 participants and experts discussed “Social Justice from an Islamic Perspective” for two days.

In the final declaration of the workshop, it has been clearly emphasized that social justice is the basis of Islamic economics and this basis should not be abandoned; usury is the basis of social injustice and it is a great favor to the world to establish a usury-free economic system. In the declaration, it has also been pointed out that zakat is the best model for social equilibrium and justice, there is a need to found new models of collecting, distributing and utilizing zakat and participation banks should be more active in social distribution by observing social justice and Islamic principles.

At the end of the workshop “Islamic Economics and Labor” book in which the presentations made in the 3rd workshop have been edited has been presented to the participants. It has been pointed out that 5th Islamic Economics Workshop is expected to be organized with a wider participation from the world and support of the organizing foundations will grow up and continue.